Kid-Perfect Form part 1

When you see kids running on the street, playground or any place at all, you’ll notice that kids just move freely. Their bodies are relaxed and efficient while running to the playground, the endzone, or away from their chores!   Seriously, when kids run they just allow their bodies to move with the least amount of effort.

This post will help you find out how kids run well with nature as their only coach. So what we as adults need to do is focus on re-learning how to run.

In the below video, I enlisted my seven year old son Zach running down the sidewalk.  I’ll break down his form in the next few posts.   Let’s take a look at the first 3 form principles, Running Tall, arms at a 90 degree angle, and dorsi-flexing

Running tall – is simply running with your head, shoulder, lower back all line in a straight upright position. Now, to ensure that you keep running tall, you should not allow your body to sit back.

90 degree angle – my son has no formal training on running but I can see his arms perfectly positioned in a 90 degree angle.  This angle  allows for relaxation, running smoothly and efficiently without any pressure at all.

Foot dorsi-flex (How Toes come up & foot cocks) –This relates to the feet cocking up or dorsi-flexing preparing for the landing. The sooner it happens, the sooner the foot can return to the ground. This is very important as foot has to drop directly under the center of gravity.

On my next post I will discuss more about Kid-Perfect Form which comprises landing flat-footed under the center of gravity, the right way to “kick” in the back, and the counteraction of the elbows and knees.  For now, enjoy the entire video of Kid-Perfect Form.

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